About Us - The story of Verdier Jewelry

Verdier Jewelry was started in 2002 by Abby Higgins, owner-designer, and her husband Rick, stylist and photographer. With a vision of fusing vintage styles and fashions with current design trends, Abby creates collections that defy convention and the ordinary. Sourcing materials that have been overlooked and forgotten and merging them with contemporary fashion, she has evolved a look and statement which invites curiosity, expressivity and play.

Committed to sustainability and fair trade practices, Verdier uses materials that have been around for decades – and so a natural recycling is at the heart of sourcing and production. Our pieces are always lead and nickel free. A wide variety of materials such as vintage Lucite, Swarovski crystals, vintage glass, labradorite, antique Picasso beads, 24k gold vermeil, natural moonstones, as well as 1930s French sequins and tourmaline, Verdier's design palate has evolved with a sense of exploration and discovery. Always handcrafted in the USA, Verdier is dedicated to bringing the best assortment of imaginative, earth friendly styles to the fashion world.