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    Remember when Sundays stretched out forever as if they never seemed to end? A cup of tea and a cat asleep at the end of the bed, music playing from another room.   A perfect top found at a consignment shop. An unexpected encounter with an old friend at the market. It is not just about wearing the right pair of earrings to work or this week’s party; it is about making the statement of your heart’s intent.     Adorn your body and life with a style that cannot be predicted. Ornament your surroundings with reminders of how uniquely your dreams arise and play.   A rare vintage crystal from the 40’s that brings out the color...

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Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Abby Higgins has traveled the world – from Paris to Nepal, the West Indies and Tibet – inspired by the rich colors and vibrant style and nuances of all the cultures of each country. Having lived in New York City in the mid 90’s, she attended The New School studying literature and working for jewelry designers, taking in the energetic pulse of the fashion world while learning the shifting tides and trends of style. In 2002 she started Verdier Jewlery, with the idea of bringing together Vintage elegance and contemporary fashion trends to create a line that captures both the old world of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy and enriching this vision with the...

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